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Systematic Reviews in the Health Sciences

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How Can I Help?

This guide is geared towards students and faculty members at BU's Sargent College on the Charles River Campus. If you are a student on the Medical Campus, I recommend contacting the librarians at the Alumni Medical Library for one-on-one assistance with your systematic review.

Preparing and writing a systematic review involves careful planning and several steps. I am available to help you throughout the process and am eager to help with any or all of the following steps:

  • Identifying existing systematic reviews related to your research question. 
  • Selecting appropriate journal databases for your topic.
  • Devising a database search strategy. This includes: identifying keywords/MESH headings, creating a search string, applying search filters and performing databases searches.
  • Help finding the full-text of articles and other documents.
  • Searching for grey literature on your topic.
  • Keeping a record of the search strategies for the methodology section of your systematic review.
  • Assessing the influence of a particular author or paper.
  • Managing the search results by saving them in a citation management software such as Zotero or RefWorks.


Why Work with a Librarian?

Several recent journal articles highlight the advantages of working with a librarian when preparing to write a systematic review. These include:

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