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WR153: Ready Player Reader

What is a Secondary Source?

Secondary sources are used to engage with the scholarly conversation around a topic. Use these types of sources to support or refute your thesis argument. For your project, you may need to find critical commentary about either the piece of literature or the video game you're researching. You may even need to look for historical context for the novel or the game. 

For this project, a review could be an exhibit or an argument. It all depends on how you're using it and how you contextualize it! That work will be done by your writing. If you have questions about this, you can contact the Writing Center

Where to Look for Arguments

Places to search for research on a variety of topics (including game design)

Places to search for research on literature

How to Build Your Search

How to Search a Library Database

Use the table below to help link keywords to search like a librarian. 

Table showing how to use boolean operators in a library database. Accessible version follows.

Accessible version of Search Hacks Table

Example Searches for This Class

"video games" AND literature

"video games" AND (narrative OR storytelling)

("Tom Sawyer" OR "Huckleberry Finn") AND game


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