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WR153: Ready Player Reader

What's an Primary Source?

Primary sources are eyewitness accounts of a particular event. This could be a diary entry, photograph, interview, speech, dataset, or newspaper article. 

These types of sources are used as evidence or examples to analyze. For this class, a primary source might be a video game or a review of the video game that describes an eye-witness experience or first-person encounter with that game. 

Where to Look for Exhibits

To find exhibits for this class, you will likely need to step outside of the scholarly conversation. At least one of your exhibits will be a video game. Another exhibit may be the piece of literature that the video game is based on. You can search for literature in BU Libraries Search. 

To find reviews of video games, you may need to use Google or social media apps. YouTube would be a great place to find video reviews and Twitch could also give you insight into the game playing experience. You can look for newspaper reviews using the following databases:

How to Evaluate Popular Sources

What to ask about sources:

  • Authority - who wrote this and what kind of expertise do they have?
  • Currency - When was this published?
  • Documentation - What sources do they cite?
  • Understanding bias - What might the author's biases be and how does that impact the source? What might my biases be and how does that impact my searching?
  • Power - in what format was this resource published? What might my biases be and how does that impact my searching?
  • Purpose - Why was this written? Who is the intended audience?


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