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New and Featured Books at Pardee Library

Featured Books for Juneteenth

The African American Entrepreneur: Challenges and Opportunities in the Trump Era

Location: Pardee Stacks HD2358.5.U6 R65 2019
This second edition provides both a history of black entrepreneurship in America throughout all periods of American history and a roadmap that explains the steps that prospective entrepreneurs must take to achieve success in business. In the process, it spotlights the many amazing breakthroughs made by black entrepreneurs even before the Civil War and Emancipation. Part One explores the history of African American entrepreneurs from slavery to the present; Part Two provides a primer and roadmap to success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The History of Black Business in America: Capitalism, Race, Entrepreneurship

Location: Pardee Stacks HD2358.5.U6 W345 2009 This work is the only source that provides a detailed study of the continuity, diversity, and multiplicity of independent self-help economic activities among African Americans. This new, updated edition divides the original work into two volumes. The first volume covers African American business history through the end of the Civil War and features the first comprehensive account of black business during the Civil War. The second volume covers the era spanning from the end of the Civil War to the twenty-first century.  

The Black Worker: Race, Labor, and Civil Rights Since Emancipation

Location: Pardee Stacks HD8081.A65 B57 2007  
Uniting the latest scholarship on race, labor, and civil rights, The Black Worker aims to establish the richness of the African American working-class experience, and the indisputable role of black workers in shaping the politics and history of labor and race in the United States. The essays' subjects include black migration, strikebreaking, black conservatism, gender, and the multiple forms of employment discrimination in the South and North. Other contributions deal explicitly with state policy and black workers during the transition from slavery to freedom, World Wars I and II, and the 1960s.

Books for Juneteenth

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