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HI190: Making History: Conflict & Community in Boston's Past

James Johnson Fall 2020

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O’Toole, Marjory. “Steve Lubar Ruins Everything: Why Historical Societies Need Experts, Even When It Hurts.” History News, vol. 72, no. 3, Summer 2017, pp. 12–15. EBSCOhost,

Use Interlibrary Loan to request articles not available in BUL ejournals. Articles in BUL print journals also should be requested using the ILL form.

Finding Journal Articles in HathiTrust

Access HathiTrust Digital Library database from BULS or Databases A-Z.

  1. Log In (upper right): Choose partner institution  Boston University and click Continue.
  2. Log In: BU login.
  3. Search HathiTrust: name of journal (Artnews).
  4. Scroll down to Artnews results and look for the publication year you want  OR
  5. Filter (left side) to Date of Publication and click on date or date range.
  6. Click Temporary Access.
  7. Check out (upper right).
  8. Search in this text (upper right): to get to your article, type a word or words in quotation marks ("public art") in the article title.
  9. Click the page number link (there may be several pages).
  10. Return Early or Check In the book (top upper right) to enable someone else to access it.
  11. LOG OUT (top upper)