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CGS RH103: Team G

Saving Items to Favorites in BU Libraries Search

How do I add and remove items from My Favorites in BU Libraries Search?

BU Libraries Search allows you to save items to My FavoritesMy Favorites allows you to work with several items at a time, printing them, emailing them, sending them to a citation manager, or returning to access them later. Normally, items are only kept in My Favorites for the current session, but if you Sign In, you can save items permanently and organize them with tags.

Adding Items to My Favorites. To save an item to My Favorites, click on the pushpin icon next to the item’s name. The icon will be highlighted, the pushpin icon will spin and change color, and the item will be added to My Favorites.

Removing Items from My Favorites. To remove an item from My Favorites, click on the pushpin icon in the top right of the screen to view the list, then click the highlighted icon on the item.

For more help with BU Libraries Search, including Working with Items in My Favorites and Organizing Favorites, see Working with Search Results

Saving Results from ProQuest & EBSCO Databases

The companies ProQuest and EBSCO are the providers of many of the databases made available to you by the BU Libraries. Databases using the ProQuest and EBSCO interfaces let you save or email items to yourself that you find in your searches.

See the instruction links below: