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AH225 Arts of Asia [Feng]

BULS Article Advanced Search

Click on the image to see the search results.

Not all of the results will be relevant to your works of art.  You will have to scroll down the results list and select.

Take a look at this article:  Hung, Wu. "Rethinking Meaning in Early Chinese Art: Animal, Ancestor, and Man." Critical Inquiry 43, no. 1 (2016): 139-90.  (Choose pdf)

Look at the author's references to other books and articles.  Copy/paste titles in BULS to see if the ones you want to read are available online.

Some of the cited articles have links.  But they do not go directly to BU e-journal subscriptions.  You must type the journal title in BULS. (There is a short list of online journals in this guide that may help.)  Artibus Asiae on page 141 is an example.  The link takes you to CrossRef and then to JSTOR but once in JSTOR you have to get to the journal or type in part of the article title.  But here's the clue--the library subscribes to JSTOR so you can copy/paste the article title in BULS and voila!

Google School Advanced Search

Click on the menu icon to find Advanced Search.

Click the Advanced Search image for results.  Note the links to Boston University Libraries' online articles.

For books, click on the icon for the Get It @ BU link. Remember that only ebooks are available.

JSTOR Advanced Search

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Use "" to keep keywords together.

Use fields to narrow search.

Archives of Asian Art - single journal search

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