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AH225 Arts of Asia [Feng]

Boston University Libriaries

Dear Students,

While your physical library is closed, your virtual library is very much open and you can start your search for our online sources at our website by clicking on the image above. This AH 225 guide provides links to many resources such as ebooks and full-text journal articles along with instructions how to access them.  I and my library colleagues are working remotely and are available to answer your questions. I encourage you to email me if problems arise.  Also, see the "Get More Help" box below my profile.

As always, I hope you enjoy doing research to learn about your chosen works of art and the themes they represent. Stay healthy and keep positive.

Your BU librarian,

Ruth Thomas

Researching Works of Art in Online Museum Collections

You will be looking for works of art on museum websites. 
Check catalog entry for references to books, articles, exhibition catalogs, etc., where the artwork is discussed.

For example, here is the entry for the Standing Saddled Horse with Clipped Mane, Cropped and Tied Tail, and Roman-Style Bridle Ornaments in the Harvard Art Museum.

Scroll down to Publication History and Exhibition History.  Copy/paste a publication title in BULS

Suzanne G. Valenstein, Cultural Convergence in the Northern Qi Period: A Flamboyant Chinese Ceramic Container, A Research Monograph, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, 2007), pp. 49, 129, figs. 81-82 is available online.


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