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CM722: Communication Research

This guide supports COM CM 722 A1 and D1.

Cited References: How Do I Find Who Cited an Article or Book?

Google Scholar and BU Libraries

BU Libraries works with Google Scholar to get you to online access to resources. To use this feature when accessing from anywhere, try these steps:

1.  On the Google Scholar landing page, go to the Settings menu.

     google scholar settings menu

2.  Go the Library Links menu

3.  Search for Boston University. Select “Find Online @ Boston University – View It @ BU” and Save.

     google scholar library links setting

4.  Now when searching in Google Scholar, look for the “View it @ BU” indicator next to search results. Selecting this will direct back to BU Libraries  to get to online access.

           google scholar view it links

5.  Note that this Library Links setting is saved as a browser cookie and may not persist if you change browsers, delete the cache, or use private mode.

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