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CGS RH104 Historical Tipping Points: Industrial Revolution-Digital Revolution (Kramer)

Background Sources: cities, places, neighborhoods

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Background Sources: Art, Images, Film and Video


  Creator: Hazard, Barry
  Title: Bowdoin Street Neighborhood Mural
  Date: 1992
  Location: Bowdoin Street, Dorchester, MA
  Material: on concrete block






Industrial Revolution ILGWU 1937

Description: Mill workers at a garment company plant in Kansas City, May 12, 1937.  (AP Photo/Clarence Hamm)

Creation Date: May 12, 1937

AP Images




Foxconn Plant
Location: Shenzhen, CHINA


Creation Date: July 26, 2017

Photographer: Kin Cheung

Source: The Associated Press


AP Images



Holding Ground 


The Rebirth of Dudley Street (Boston)

New Day Films

Year 1996

Filmmakers: Leah Mahan, Mark Lipman


From the Kanopy database

Engineering & Mathematics Librarian

Music and Sound